What’s cooking:

  • Realm 3 with Bill Laswell, Masaharu Sato, Toshinori Kondo and  Dashmesh Khalsa.

Realm 3 - work in progress

  • Works in progress on our second album in a duo constellation with Nelson Brunner. This time we’re exploring musical possibilities limited to only two musicians, pumped with subtile lyrics, refined harmonies and colorful melodies. The project is actually not a new one, and the recordings have been in progress since 2013, while i was constantly on the lookout for gifted singers, some of them prominent, some not… sadly but perhaps gladly all of them either didn’t work out, or were not a 100% with their mind in it… so eventually i finally decided to sing myself and realize my poetic cravings and storytelling that has always been a part of my everyday life since I was about 15 years old.