Barton Rage (born 1982) belongs to a new generation of the 21st century musicians and composers who tirelessly make their way in music business. He’s been involved in the world music scene since 2012, and already has been able to initiate a few notably ambitious projects. The most sophisticated of them so far is his signature ‘Realm Series’, involving such renowned music revolutionaries as Bill Laswell, Toshinori Kondo and many other influential people.

Rage is a versed guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and a visual artist. His music is an incorporation of a variety of different genres such as jazz, electronic, funk, world, classical, film, reggae, dub, drum ‘n’ bass, ambient and even pop/rock music. He draws his inspiration out of ancient music styles, merging them with modern approach to composing, fresh methods of audio mixing and mastering in order to create a groundbreaking result in relation with proven ideas that have been the source in music for thousands of centuries.

His music can be best described as ever evolving sound transformations, rich in textures, morphing moods and rhythms warping in and out of time. Spheric chaos is only a starting point, or a breath of fresh air in the dynamically composed sound structures developing into emotionally charged melodies and improvisations. Furthermore, an album is never just a set of randomly chosen tracks. Instead, each work is conceptually crafted as one consistent flow of ideas from beginning until the end. Each piece of music is meant to compliment the one before and after it, resulting in one body of work standing alone and having a specific character. It is the cinematographic and an esthetic effect Rage wants to achieve with his approach in music, that’s meant to take his listeners on a journey some place else… even if it’s only a realization, different point of view, another perspective, or another dimension.


TAGI / GITA – 2006 – Instrumental Ambient

Quiet Soul – 2014 – Instrumental

Plastic Future – 2014 – Future Jazz

Realm I – 2015 – Instrumental / Electronic Ambient

Realm II PARALLAX – 2016 – Instrumental / Electronic Ambient

RAW – 2016 – Electro Instrumental

Wintry – 2016 – Instrumental

Realm III Trayati – 2017 – Instrumental