Realm I – Bill Laswell

Bill Laswell – His imprint on todays music is enormous. There’s no need to elaborate on this topic too long, since there’s enough material online. But in short, Bills collaboration with such artists like Herbie Hancock (and their ‘Rockit’ song that revolutionized music scene to create Hip Hop genre), Whitney Houston, The Rolling Stones, and many more, made a significant change in the way our music looks and sounds today. He’s been a key figure in bringing hoards of musicians and music labels from around the world together.

Backstage at the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days in 2015

Backstage with Bill Laswell 2 - Warsaw Summer Jazz Days 2015

Artists in collaboration:

Bill Laswell – Bass

Barton Rage – Guitar Synth, Sampling, Mixing, Mastering, Cover Art

Genre – Electronic Ambient

Release date – June 30/2015 on M.O.D. Technologies




Barton Rage / Bill Laswell  – Realm I by Jon Davis, Published 2015-12-23